Kol D’Mama Daka

The Still Small Voice of the Soul

The still small voice of the soul survives.
Is relentless, is resilient.
It overcomes cynicism, sarcasm, musts, shoulds, fast, next, noise, and
above all, fear.
The still small voice of the soul: IS, lives and exists in
spite of us.
Is always there looking for an opening, a crack in the armor, a moment
of silence,
It waits patiently for an opportunity to show up.
It shows up in the most unexpected forms.
It shows up in dreams.
It shows up in stress and illness.
It shows up in a book.
It shows up in surprising emotions in front of random comments.
It shows up in nature.
It shows up with a stranger that asks a naive question that comes with
no expectation of an answer.
The still small voice wants to be heard, it desires to be acknowledged.
When we hear the still small voice of the soul, we say: wow,
it is so good to hear you! And the still small voice of the soul always
responds: it is so good to be heard.
The still small voice of the soul doesn’t need much to show up.
It needs a stage.
It needs a stage where everybody is an actor of the same human drama, a drama that demands authenticity, honesty and humility.
On that stage, everybody is a teacher and a student at the same time; on that stage what is, what comes up, it is not crushed neither exaggerated.
What is, it’s honored and respected without judgment.
When people decide to be on that stage, it becomes a platform for a
different type of dialogue, where everybody activates their still small voice of the soul and the play-write that is mutually created is
the human tapestry of what IS now, in truth at the present moment.
On that stage the actors decide to leave the landscape of judgment and
knowing, and to share the wisdom of deep listening and embrace in trust.
On that stage, miracles can happen.
On that stage the still small voice of the soul, shows up first with
timidity waiting to be insulted with an interpretation or a
recommendation or anything that will be like a punch in the belly of vulnerability….but when that doesn’t happen, it smiles and talks happily and with gratitude to have found a loving ear.
When that interaction ends, silence is needed.
We need silence to honor the truths of the souls present, to honor the
holy ground of existence mutually shared.
In that moment we are like Jacob when he woke up from the dream of the
ladder, and he saw the angels coming up and down and said:
Certainly God was here and I…. I didn’t know it.

Rabbi Marcelo Bronstein