in-person conferences cancelled but we’re excited to see you at our online gatherings until we can see each other again in person in 2021

Limmud Cape Town – Cape Town’s extravaganza of Jewish learning

When: Due to Covid-19, all Events are On Hold

  • From 12h00 on Friday 21 August – 17h00 on Sunday 23 August, including a unique communal Shabbat dinner and prayer experience.
  • Come for the full weekend or just for the day on Sunday.
  • Meals, refreshments and parking are included in all conference ticket options 


The UCT Graduate School of Business, V&A Waterfront.

We strongly encourage Limmudniks to stay with us at one of three on-site hotels for a complete Limmud experience.  Booking for hotel stay must be done directly with the hotel.

Conference Cost:

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Introducing this year’s co-chairs:


I’ve been a punk rocker with flowers in my hair, and I’ve been in the corporate world too…it’s all about the journey for me, and a Jewish journey too, just like Limmud.  I travel as much as I can, sometimes with a backpack and sometimes from the sofa.  I have extensive Project Management experience and have worked in Recruitment, so I enjoy working on projects and with people.  I have an eye for detail, but I also see the big picture.  I am newish to Limmud, but I have found a space and people who align with my values, and when I believe in something, I am 100% committed.  Wherever you find yourself in the world amongst Jews, you feel as if you are with family.  No matter how different we are and no matter what veribles we have, our similarities bind us.  And the same is true for Limmud:   It is a global organisation, but no matter where on your Jewish journey your backpack has taken you, you immediately feel that you are with kindred spirits.  Welcome home, everyone, welcome to Limmud 2020! 


 If variety is the spice of life, mine has been a fragrant curry! I studied Architecture which has given me a good eye, expensive taste, and an enjoyment of sukkah building. I worked in the film industry and mastered budgeting, scheduling and standing on my feet for hours and hours. I didn’t realise at the time that I was training for Limmud! I studied Film with a special interest in Scriptwriting, so I love popcorn, binge-watching and occasionally writing stories. I managed a creative educational institution, so I am good at herding cats…more Limmud training in disguise… I also designed curricula and learning pathways…gosh, my whole life seems to have been in preparation for co-chairing Limmud this year! As they say, hindsight is 2020. In my spare time I hang upside down from the tree in my garden as it is good to see things from a different perspective, a Limmud value I treasure. I love spending time on the mountain and cooking for my family, which is blended, like the best garam masala! 


I am a seasoned Limmudnik with a background in Human Resources & Project Management, and I suppose I could say a lot about how these skills will help me to organise and lead Limmud this year…BUT what I really want to bring to this team are the lessons I have learnt from my passion for walking the Camino: 1. Every journey starts with a first step. (And I have taken that first step by putting my hand up for Limmud this year.) 2. In order to get to the wonderful view, you have to climb the mountain. (I am double-knotting my bootlaces as we speak.) 3. Getting lost often results in new and interesting options! I am hoping that we all get lost in many interesting discussions and ideas, and find ourselves in surprising and wonderful destinations with Limmud this year. To steal a quote from the Camino: “Don’t come to the Camino/Limmud looking for answers. Instead come with an open heart and you may be surprised by what you find.”


Limmud is completely driven by volunteers. Limmud Cape Town welcomes anyone wishing to take part in this amazing effort. Whether you have two hours to give or two hundred, if you are looking for a way to contribute to creating a more well rounded and cohesive Jewish community – Limmud Cape Town is the place for you.

Limmud Cape Town will take you one step further on your Jewish journey. To get involved, email

A Learning Community

Limmud Cape Town is guided by the Limmud values. These are:

  • Arguments for the sake of heaven
  • Community and mutual responsibility
  • Diversity
  • Enabling connections
  • Empowerment
  • Expanding Jewish Horizons
  • Learning
  • Participation
  • Religious Observance
  • Respect